Pain management tips you can use

We provide practical pain management tips you can use, from an Occupational Therapist and trained Psychologist

Brix Safety Bottle Opener

How to care for Arthritic Hands

The joints of our hands are some of the most used and abused joints in our body. Little surprise then that they are very prone to the wear and term...

A Low Profile Keyboard

Keyboard Stands and Angles

No keyboard stands! The use of sloped keyboards or keyboard stands (the little legs on the bottom of keyboards) requires that we type with our wrists bent up, rather than...


Ergonomic iPad Stand

Aside from the move obvious musculoskeletal risks posed by the iPad, like awkward neck postures, it also promotes other more subtle musculoskeletal risks not obvious at first glance.  Specifically, I...

Finger Mouse

Thumb Mouse

Referred to as a “finger mouse” or “thumb mouse”, this device is a good alternative to the traditional mouse for those with shoulder conditions as it allows you to operate...

The Apple iPad in use

Apple iPad Ergonomics

All the ergonomic evils of the laptop are present in spades in this fashionable new gadget: stressful non-neutral neck postures (end of range neck flexion) while looking down at the screen, repetitive...

The LogiTech Marble Trackball

Trackball mouse options

Few people today use their computer exclusively for wordprocessing and most of us spend hours each day chasing a small cursor around the screen. For the majority of compuer users this is...


My back … I can’t sleep!

Help for improving the quality of sleep for those with back and other pain.

Heat and cold pack

When to use heat, when to use cold

If you are in musculoskeletal pain, the first thing is that you should be applying something, either heat or cold, to the area. The reasons why are complex, but to...