A Thumb (Finger) Mouse

Referred to as a “finger mouse” or “thumb mouse”, this device is a good alternative to the traditional mouse for those with shoulder conditions as it allows you to operate the mouse with the shoulder in a neutral ‘resting’ posture.

Additionally, the mouse allows the forearm (45 degrees of pronation), wrist and fingers to maintain a neutral “resting” position. Thus, the risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndome (CTS) is likely to be reduced, and/or the symptoms of CTS reduced.

But…(yes there is always a “but” as there is no perfect mouse device on the market) it does demand vigorous, repetitive and sustained thumb and  index finger movements ,placing them at significant risk of inflammatory joint and tendon conditions e.g. tendonitis, tendonosis, osteoarthritic , changes etc.

So in conclusion, consider this mouse if you are carrying a condition which requires you to maintain a neutral shoulder,wrist or forearm posture. For the rest of us, I would recommend using this device in regular rotation with other mouse devices in order to share the musculoskeletal load between joints and muscle groups throughout the workday.

Finally, it is a brilliant option if you are looking for a mouse to use with your laptop when slouching around on the lounge surfing the net. You can use it with your arm in almost any position e.g. resting on your thigh, on the armrest etc. Keeping in mind the old Occupational Therapist rule that the “next posture is the best posture” this flexibility is a real advantage. Just remember to limit laptop use of this kind to brief time frames due to the difficulties associated with keeping the screen positioned high enough to facilitate neutral neck postures.

Here’s a choice of three from Amazon: