Ergonomic iPad stand

Aside from the move obvious musculoskeletal risks posed by the iPad, like awkward neck postures, it also promotes other more subtle musculoskeletal risks not obvious at first glance.  Specifically, I am concerned about the prolonged forceful and awkward gripping postures required to stabilize the device while in use.  This has had me thinking equipment solutions, and thus far the best I have trialled is an Australian made product called the Book Seat.

This product was designed to reduce hand and neck strain when reading books, but after trialling on the weekend with my iPad I think it works quite well to reduce the same risks with this more contemporary device.

I would  recommend that you ‘boost it up’ a little when using it in your lap with some foam, pillow or a cushion, to further minimise awkward neck postures (flexion).

I will continue to search for equipment options to reduce the risk associated with using the iPad so keep checking in to the website.

Find out more about The Book Seat here.