A Thumb (Finger) Mouse

Referred to as a “finger mouse” or “thumb mouse”, this device is a good alternative to the traditional mouse for those with shoulder conditions as it allows you to operate the mouse with the shoulder in a neutral ‘resting’ posture.

Additionally, the mouse allows the forearm (45 degrees of pronation), wrist and fingers to maintain a neutral “resting” position. Thus, the risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndome (CTS) is likely to be reduced, and/or the symptoms of CTS reduced. (more…)

Few people today use their computer exclusively for wordprocessing and most of us spend hours each day chasing a small cursor around the screen. For the majority of compuer users this is achieved by operating a mouse with their dominant (favoured) hand.

Traditional mouse operation is very taxing on the muscles, nerves, ligaments and joints of the wrist, elbow and in particular the shoulder. The extent to which one or all of these three joints is affected by mouse operation depends not only on predisposing factors (old injuries, genetics, smoking etc) but also the “mousing technique” of the person. (more…)